Diane M. Johnson - screenwriter
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Other writers to check out...

Melvin Johnson and Dawn Chapman - screenwriters for the family friendly web series Best Friends.

Gregory Goyins - writer-director of the poignant film shorts After the Denim and The Dead Kid.

Starr Reina- mystery writer of the Cruel Whispers series of books, and the Pavel Ivanovich crime series.

Maggie Franks- award winning screenwriter of Stagemom and Winning at All Costs, and director of the docu-short, The Board Meeting.

Cora Lee Palma-Hayden- poet and author of A Touch of Venus: Wedding Planning with the Bridal Zodiac
Other websites of interest to writers...

Scriptwriters Network - for the new and established screenwriter. Check out their monthly meetings and list of guest speakers. Check out the Hollywood Outreach Program, and the Television Outreach Program.

Scripped - if you're comfortable with posting your material on the web, or if you just want to meet other writers, you can check out this site where writers help other writers.

Stage 32 - "The world's largest social network and educational hub for film, television and theater creatives."
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