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Welcome to my webpage. Here, you can find a list of the scripts I’ve written and how to contact me if you’re interested in reading more. Or, if you would like to view some of my work, click on Contest Winning Scripts. You will be linked to a site called Moviebytes.com, where you can type in my name and find listings of five different titles, and excerpts from each.

In addition to being a writer, I am a full time mother of two wonderful kids. I have a B.A. in Cinema/Film Theory, and have been a reader for a handful of Southern California screenwriting competitions and programs.

Available scripts:

Autumn Blood -

Bad apples don’t fall far from the tree... 
As a social worker tries to shield his live in sociopath mother’s murderous crimes from the rest of the world, he
finds his already shaky moral code tested by an abused and pregnant teen who has fallen in love with him.  **Semifinalist FOCUS National Screenwriting Competition, Top 4 Finalist Indie Gathering.
Find an excerpt of this script at www.winningscripts.com


Perfect Prophet –

Devil Rocker Alec never imagined himself to be a messenger of God after he miraculously survived a bullet to the heart. But one fan does... When a reckless antichristian rocker, who abandoned his belief in God, discovers his ability as a hands on healer, his satanic fanbase targets him and his family to prevent him from spreading the faith.   **Finalist Scriptwriters Network Staged Reading Series, Quarterfinalist America's Best Screenwriting Competitions,  Top 25 Finalist Screenwriters Community Split Screenplay Competition. Find an excerpt of this script at   www.winningscripts.com.


Harpo’s Bike -            

After a successful gen X slacker inherits the Harley of his abusive Marine father, he travels to New Orleans to prove to his family that the man was not worth forgiveness because he was having an affair. Instead, he finds his father’s redemption in the least likely of people - a homeless veteran mute - his father’s best friend from their tour in Beirut - who thinks he’s Harpo Marx.  **Finalist Scriptwriters Network Staged Reading Series,  Top 25 Finalist Screenwriters Community Split Screenplay Competition, Quarterfinalist Big Bear Lakes International Film Fest.  Find an excerpt of this script at   www.winningscripts.com .


The Schoharie – 

A volunteer firefighter of Native American descent must convince a small town sheriff with a grudge that a vengeful Indian spirit is bent on destroying their town using the flood waters of a nearby creek. Inspired by real events.  **Quarterfinalist America's Best Screenwriting CompetitionFind an excerpt of this script at  www.winningscripts.com .


The Saga of Ben and Casey –

The downtrodden employees of a 24 hr truck stop learn how to forge their own destinies after they are inspired by an anonymous writer among them - a shy teenager who lives vicariously through the adventures of her sexy, brazen heroine named Casey.


Shallow Water – 

A high school senior/lifeguard, dumped by his girlfriend after graduation, clings to dependency as he spends his last summer before college in a tumultuous affair with a wealthy woman twice his age. When her husband finds out, it leads to murder.

Spike - 

A Native American environmentalist is pitted against his logger brother after a botanist whistleblower is pushed too far in the struggle to maintain the forests of Northwestern Montana. As loggers fight for job security, and as environmentalists fight for their cause, the botanist becomes the victim of both sides, and enacts a dangerous retribution. **Winner of the John Muir Gold Award at Yosemite International Film Fest, Finalist at The Writers Place Screenplay Competition (both in 2009)Find an excerpt of this script at   www.winningscripts.com .

Sacred Oil -

When LA graffiti mimics Midwest crop circles, the end of the world is near. An LA dee-jay loses his memory after he returns from an abduction, and it's up to a Haitian voodoo priest and his following of graffiti taggers to find the connection before the dee-jay, and others like him, become soulless zombies created to wipe out humanity.

A Good Soul -

A sitcom actor risks losing his soul for the chance to prove that he can be more than the lovable character he once played on TV. His quest for a darker role leads him into the world of underground clubs where he is tricked into playing the killer in a snuff film.  **Top 4 Finalist California Independent Film Festival Slate Awards, Finalist Paranoia Horror and SciFi Film Fest. Finalist 2013 L.A. Shriekfest Feature Screenplay Competitions.**

Turf War -

As Florida neighbors fall in love, their rival lawn ornaments plot a war. Owen and Petunia are divided by a potholed road that borders Florida swampland. They have never really met. Owen takes refuge in his summer home ( a weather beaten hovel) whenever he's crying in his margarita over a woman. Petunia lives for her home. It shows with the manicured lawn, flower gardens and one hundred gnomes placed just so throughout her yard. But this story isn't about Owen and Petunia. It's about Floyd, the flamingo on Owen's side, and Shamus, the gnome on Petunia's side. As Floyd plots to take over the gnomes' land, Shamus struggles to keep himself from being banished to Floyd's side of the road. As antics escalate, Owen and Petunia meet, fall in love and are torn apart when they find each others lawn ornaments on the other side of the road.  **Top 100 Finalist 2011 Sundance Table Read My Screenplay Competition, Quarterfinalist, 2014 Nashville Film Festival. Find an excerpt of this script at www.winningscripts.com

Other Projects

The Saturday Night Supper Club - 

A young and successful conductor/composer battles depression and a block in his creativity after the brother who raised him dies in a car crash. Story by Ish Muniz for Highway 114 Pictures. (Note: Ish Muniz passed away in June 2008, leaving the completed script in production limbo.)

Surreality -

Web series in the early stages of preproduction. I've written a couple of episodes for the project. CoWriter, Jay Costelo.

Shorts and Super Shorts -

PWNED - 30 min  **Finalist 2011 L.A. Shriekfest Short Screenplay Competition, Top 30 finalist in 2013 Table Read My     Screenplay Competition
Blindsided -  10 min  **Top 9 finalist in 2011 D.C. Shorts Screenplay Competition
The Body and Blood - 30 min  **Top 100 finalist in 2011 Table Read My Screenplay Competition
Roadside Picnic - 30 min  **Semifinalist 2014 L.A. Shriekfest Short Screenplay Competition
Between Civil Men - 30 min

TV Specs and Pilots

Supernatural - It Should Have Been Me
Supernatural - Intervention  **2nd round finalist at Austin Film Fest 2012, finalist at Scriptapalooza TV 2012
Supernatural - Schism
Supernatural - I Got You, Babe **Quarterfinal in Final Draft Big Break 2013, Finalist at Stage 32 Happy Writers TV 2014
Parks and Recreation - C'est La Vie
The Chain: Francisco Pizarro **Quarterfinal in the Shore Scripts TV Pilot Competition 2016, Semifinals at Scriptapalooza TV 2017


All material U.S. copyrighted.

Contact Diane at lowbudg@yahoo.com for more information.

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